Ady Sun’Zee

(Ellie Araiza)

A headstrong Jedi Knight from the days of the High Republic. Highly skilled in combat, she was forced to face her own fears when her Master was struck down.

Baron Attsmun

(Mark Rolston)

Originally appearing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Baron Attsmun is an ultra-wealthy industrialist who sells cybernetic parts throughout the galaxy. On the surface he’s helped a lot of people, but underneath lurks a cruel, detached perspective.

Boggs Triff

(Darin DePaul)

An Arcona gangster who has risen to the top rung of power in a Nar Shaddaa neighborhood. He reached that height by being ruthless and constantly paranoid, building up his base of operations into a fortress.


(Cory Rouse)

An infamous collector who buys, sells, and trades rare and valuable relics in his Den of Antiquities in Black Spire Outpost, Dok-Ondar is known as the gatekeeper of the black market, as he has amassed an impressive collection of unique artifacts that is unrivaled in the galaxy. It seems he has a mission for you on Batuu…

Hondo Ohnaka

(Jim Cummings)

The arguably unscrupulous owner of Ohnaka Transport Solutions in Black Spire Outpost. Shipping problem? Hondo is your solution! If the price is right and it’s in Hondo’s best interest.


(Rhys Darby)

A heavily armed assassin droid, known as battered mechanical that has earned a reputation as a merciless hunter.

Lens Kamo

(Karla Crome)

Lens Kamo is a treasure hunter that you run into on Batuu. She went into treasure hunting with the sole purpose of getting artifacts out of sites without harming them, and keeping them out of reach of the destructive collectors — by any means necessary. You may need to work with her if you want to take on your new mission…

Lieutenant Gauge

(Daman Mills)

The fervidly loyal and utterly ambitious commanding officer of the new First Order installation on Batuu. Lieutenant Gauge first thought his assignment to Batuu, which was so far from the eyes of his superiors, was a bad omen for his career…. turns out there was no greater honor.


(Matthew Wood)

A sixth-generation droid builder and technological genius, Droid Depot owner Mubo loves tinkering at his bench, and talking to anyone that will listen. To keep his business booming, he relies on a handful of ships to keep parts moving steadily into Batuu.



(Anika Noni Rose)

Neeva was born on a tranquil Outer Rim world, displaced from her home planet by The Empire, and ended up on Nar Shaddaa and catching the attention of the local crime boss, Boggs Triff.


(Meredith Bull)

A young Urodel, spunky, and unafraid to ask the tough questions. She has a sense of curiosity about the galaxy around her. After being identified as Force sensitive she was brought into the Jedi Order and eventually rose to the rank of Padawan.


(Bobby Moynihan)

The boisterous owner of his namesake cantina outside Black Spire Outpost. He’s the kind of barkeep that will spend an hour talking your ear off. And he really doesn’t like porgs.