Known Issues | Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call

It has been an exciting week of launching Last Call, and we have been loving seeing everyone’s streams, YouTube recaps, and excitement! There are a number of known issues currently on our radar that we have seen flagged, as well.


UPDATE: There is a fix for this issue, for more details click here.

We have reports of users being unable to complete some of the Dok-Ondar missions if they interact with objects (like the broom in the Cantina) before Seezelslak has finished talking. To avoid this, we are asking all new users that are jumping into Last Call to please wait until Seezelslak has fully finished speaking before interacting with any objects in the Cantina or approaching Dok-Ondar. If you experience this issue, you will need to load a previous save to access the rest of the Dok-Ondar missions.


UPDATE: There is a fix for this issue, for more details click here.

A handful of users have flagged that in certain scenarios downloading the update will cause a crash or hang when booting the game. We are working on a fix for this. If you are experiencing this, please put in a support ticket or reach out to us on Discord.


If you feel that you can’t move properly with the controls, please check your movement options to see if they are the way you like. To fix this, go to Settings > Movement, and enable Free Move and Head Oriented Steering settings will become visible.

  • Head Oriented Steering – On: The forward direction is always based on what direction the headset is facing.
  • Head Oriented Steering – Hybrid: The forward direction is set based on the direction that the headset is facing when you press the thumbstick forward. If you release the thumbstick, turn the headset then press forward on the thumbstick again, you will have a new forward direction. While moving forward you will need to use the turn thumbstick to turn.
  • Head Oriented Steering – Off: Your forward direction is always determined by the forward direction of your play space. To turn, you must use the controller. If you physically become misaligned with the forward direction of your play space, long-press the Oculus button on the right controller to realign your in-game forward direction with your play space.

Thank you all for sharing your feedback!