Hotfix 1.1.5 | Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call

An update is now available for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call. Please let the app update to receive the patch.


Additions/Major Changes:
  • Support for Hand Oriented Steering: With Hand/Controller oriented steering enabled, your forward direction is determined by which way your controller is pointing. Point your controller in a direction, then press forward on the movement controller (Left by Default, Right if the Southpaw setting is enabled). To change your forward direction, physically point the controller in the way you want to go, while pressing the thumbstick forward.
  • Audio updates/ mix pass.
  • Stability fixes, reductions in memory usage to improve stability.
  • Reduced false-positive internet connectivity warnings during DLC download.
  • Resolved blocking issue in First Order Facility where cinematic would not start if player moved too fast from start of level.
  • Resolved blocking issue in First Order Facility when reloading during interaction with Drill console.
  • Resolved blocking issue in Lost Jedi Ruins at bridge where player would respawn with Lens and cinematic would not play.
  • Resolved blocking issue blocking fast travel in Cantina if player quit during Temple Of Darkness intro cinematic.
  • Resolved blocking issue with early broom grab in Cantina.
  • Resolved blocking issue where What’s Up Dok would not trigger in certain cases.
  • Resolved bad save point in Cavern of the Moons after the artifact scan leading to unloaded geo when loaded.
  • Updated Cavern of the Moons moon puzzle to resolve blocking issue, telegraph activation more clearly.
  • Resolved blocking issue in Bounty of Boggs Triff where structural weakness remained untargetable.
  • Resolved issue unlocking Baubles with Bina if Temple Of Darkness already complete.
  • Resolved blocking issue in First Order Facility if player died next to LB-1033 hallway.
  • Resolved issue in The Sacred Garden where player could force push stones onto the roof blocking progression.
  • Ensured that Deek’s Medallions challenge can be completed if started on revisit.
  • Ensured Melee Madness and Weapons section would be visible in Challenges if DLC not installed.
  • Ensure Mubo Merchandise challenge could be completed if player removed Advanced Hoverpack.
  • Fixed repeating Dok line in Sardeevem Chasm.
  • Various cosmetic fixes and decal support.
  • Rewards consistency pass.

If you experience any issues, please file a support ticket here.