Hotfix 1.1.1 | Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call

We have just pushed a new hotfix with the below changes. Please let the app update to receive the patch.


  • Prevented future instances of freemove settings being defaulted improperly on initial startup after upgrade (head steering will now default to ON for users with no previous customized preferences set)
  • Removed the broom from the Cantina until after the user has received both Secrets from the Cantina mission, and Dok’s Deal mission to prevent future instances of Dok missions not initiating. 
  • Prevented an instance of Fast Travel being incorrectly disabled if the user quits during Seezelslak’s Songs mission intro (either after Seezelslak’s Snacks, or Dok-Ondar’s Deal opening) and re-enables Fast Travel in those instances.


We are actively working on a resolution to the issues some users are seeing with downloading the game or with the game not loading up properly at the initial screen.  Our current plan is to have an attempted fix for this issue ASAP.

This patch does not fix progression blockers with Dok Ondar or certain instances of blocked travel from the Cantina.  We are working on another hotfix that restores progression in those cases.

There are also a few other known issues on our radar that we are working on fixing as well.


If you encounter any issues, please file a support ticket here.

Thank you to all of our community members for reporting your issues and your understanding as our team works on addressing these.