Go Beyond the Spires with Last Call Behind-the-Scenes Videos

It all starts with an idea. That, for Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, was virtually expanding the epic worldbuilding established in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Located in a divey cantina with a verbose bartender who tells absolutely transportive stories, you are virtually taken to different times and eras in the Star Wars galaxy. 

After the debut of Part I in November 2020, our team jumped right back into development on Last Call. We doubled down on producing best-in-class VR storytelling, all while listening to feedback from you, our fans. One of the biggest takeaways was that you – and we – wanted more: more story, more gameplay, and more threads of connection to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which we were able to bring to our fall 2021 release. 

From the inclusion of more fan-favorite characters like Dok-Ondar and Hondo, to the always delicious ronto wraps, Last Call rounded out the droid repair tech story to rave reviews. To get an inside look at how it all came together, check out our brand new “Beyond the Spires” videos below. 

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call is available now on Meta Quest.